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LMGPR Pulse™

LMGPR Pulse™ is built upon three key components to drive leadership, momentum and growth: Strategic Positioning, Narrative Story Engine, and Social Influence.

With LMGPR Pulse™ we leverage public relations to create new business opportunities, increase sales and create category leadership.

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LMGPR Pulse™
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Our Impact

UBTECH Robotics

UBTECH Robotics is a global leader in intelligent humanoid robots.

Monarch Tractor

Monarch Tractor is the world’s smartest, fully electric, autonomous tractor.

Divergent 3D

Divergent 3D provides a disruptive 3D approach to auto manufacturing.


Knightscope is world-renowned for its crime-fighting robots.


FireEye is the intelligence-led security company.


Damon is unleashing the full potential of personal mobility for the world’s commuters.

Our Client Results

“Best PR agency in the world. Get some!”
Jay Giraud, Founder and CEO, Damon

“LMGPR is amazing to work with and delivers A+ output!”

John Rhee, General Manager UBTECH

“LMG made Skully helmets one of the most coveted products globally”

Dr. Marcus Weller, Founder and CEO, Skully

“LMGPR has helped us gain momentum within our target market, supporting another direct connection point with the audiences we want to reach and further establishing FireEye as a thought leader.”
Ashar Aziz, Founder and CEO, FireEye

“LMGPR has their finger on the pulse of the media who’s who securing us more than 100 pieces of editorial coverage in two months. We went from stealth to leading market conversations with their teamwork and expertise.”
Raymond Meng, iSmartAlarm

“The LMGPR team has the tenacity and the relationships with the must have media and bloggers, combined with the market knowledge we needed to successfully launch our company.”
Ari Newman, President, filtrbox

“LMGPR took us from stealth to cover story status. The team’s creativity and tenacity was instrumental in delivering worldwide media attention for our successful launch.”
Kevin Czinger, CEO, Divergent Technologies

The Pulse: LMG PR Blog

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Damon Motors and Monarch Tractor Win Green GOOD DESIGN Award

Two of the world's most innovative electric transportation companies have been awarded for their sustainability efforts. Damon Motors and Monarch Tractor have each received a 2021 Green GOOD DESIGN Award…
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April 13, 2021 in Blog

Earth Day 2021: Meet the Companies Committed to a Greener Tomorrow

(Image by purwaka seta from Pixabay.) April 22nd is Earth Day, “an annual event to demonstrate support for environmental protection.” Here at LMGPR, we are proud to team up with…
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Smart Buildings: Good for Business!

(Image by F. Muhammed  from Pixabay) Buildings are energy wasters. 70 percent of the world’s electricity powers buildings. 60 percent of that energy goes to waste. This is costing businesses…
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April 13, 2021 in Blog

Predicting the Future of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles

Where are the electric and autonomous vehicle industries headed in 2021 and beyond? A new report from Drake Star Partners has the answer. The “State of the Advanced Mobility Industry…
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