Damon Motors and UVCeed Shine at CES


CES 2024 is in the books and it was one to remember forDamon Motors and UVCeed.


Damon Motors marked its return to CES this year with its HyperFighter electric streetfighter and exciting news about its future. Fresh off its news of a merger with Inpixon, Ltd. with plans for aNASDAQ listing of the combined company, Damon introduced two new partners atCES:

NXP: Damon Motors is collaborating with NXP Semiconductors to integrate Performance-DrivenAutomotive Integrated Circuits Into Its Electric Motorcycles. Through this collaboration, NXP's technology has been integrated into Damon's electronic control units and other electronic systems.

Molicel: Damon announced a strategic partnership to build its motorcycles using E-One Moli Energy Corp. (“Molicel”) batteries. Molicel’s battery cell technology provides a unique balance of both high capacity and high power. Combined withDamon’s patented exoskeleton design, Damon motorcycles are expected to deliver more range, higher power, and shorter charge times than industry competitors. 

Damon also revealed results of a recent road test in which Damon put its new Molicel-equipped HyperSport motorcycle to the test against a state-of-the-art 2023 model 1000cc superbike.  

The results were promising: Graph 1 shows similar acceleration speed between the HyperSport and competitor bike on the Thunderhill straightaway. Graph 2 shows the HyperSport’s smooth acceleration performance compared to the competitor bike’s deceleration associated with shifting and non-linear power delivery of an ICE engine at various rpm’s.

And what’s more, the HyperSport had the disadvantage of no rider aids yet enabled, while the competitor motorcycle had them all enabled, including lean angle traction control, wheelie control, and cornering ABS. Despite the HyperSport’s disadvantage, early results hint towards a compelling story for the evolution of motorcycling.



UVCeed also made a triumphant return to CES. In addition to showcasing its award-winning mobile disinfection system, UVCeed gave a sneak preview of a very timely smart accessory:

This is a first-of-its-kind universal thermal cup cleaner. Utilizing UVCeed’s technology, the device provides safe and effective UV protection to keep your cup safe from germs inside and out. The device is due out later this year and comes in the midst of the Stanley cup frenzy that has making headlines in recent days. 

UVCeed also gave CES attendees a close up look at the future of disinfection with its flagship product, the only consumer smart mobile UV-C disinfection device that guides a user from start to finish to ensure 99.99 percent effectiveness in killing germs, bacteria and viruses. UVCeed attaches to any smartphone and is outfitted with powerful mercury-free LED UV light rays and multiple sensors, proprietary iCide smart dosage and iCide safety technology.

UVCeed has won numerous industry awards for its innovation, most recently earning a Fast Company 2023 NextBig Things in Tech Award in the Wellness and Fitness category. To see how UVCeed works, watch this video.

We’re proud of the innovation showcased by both Damon and UVCeed at CES 2024 and look forward to great things from both companies in 2024 and beyond.