LMGPR and Our Legacy With AI


In an era defined by technological advancement, LMGPR has been at the forefront of AI for a few decades working with AI, machine learning, deep learning, and robotics futurists. Our portfolio spans diverse sectors, from robotics and automotive to industrial and Agtech, smart home, wearables, and health products.


A Legacy of Innovation

With a rich history spanning several decades, we have been instrumental in shaping the narrative for companies making their debut and oftentimes pre-funding. Our deep understanding of AI, machine learning, deep learning, and robotics has allowed these companies to communicate complex concepts to diverse audiences, making these technologies accessible and relevant.



LMGPR's journey into the world of robotics began when the field was in its infancy. Over the years, we have collaborated with Skyline Robotics, Knightscope, and UBTECH Robotics.These partnerships have allowed us to showcase the transformative potential of robotics, from enhancing security with autonomous robots to advancing human-robot interactions.


Industrial and Agtech

In the industrial and Agtech sectors, we have been a driving force behind companies like RealWear and Monarch Tractor. These collaborations emphasize the vital role of AI and machine learning in modernizing industries, from industrial wearables that enhance worker productivity to smart, autonomous tractors revolutionizing farming practices. You can read these case studies on our site too.


SmartHome & Smart Transportation

LMGPR has been instrumental in introducing consumers to the world of smart home technology. Our expertise in communicating the benefits of connected devices has helped consumers understand how AI and machine learning make their homes more convenient and secure. Companies like UBTECH Robotics, Deep Sentinel Security, AirSelfie, and Phosphorous have benefited from LMGPR's innovative PR campaigns.


In the automotive industry, we have played a pivotal role in elevating the profile of forward-thinking companies like Monarch Tractor and Damon Motors that incorporate AI, and robotics into integrated platforms. Through strategic PR campaigns, we have made future tech tangible for consumers and business-to-business.  


Wearables and Wellness

In the wearables and health sectors, we have promoted solutions that leverage AI and deep learning to enhance people's well-being. Their campaigns have highlighted innovations that monitor health, provide personalized recommendations, and improve overall quality of life. Companies such as Apollo Neuro, Realeve, Bellabeat, and SKULLY Helmets have partnered with us to showcase the transformative potential of wearables and health technologies.


Connect With Us 

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