Our Case Studies


LMGPR Case Study:

Knightscope  provides a fully autonomous technology platform that prevents and predicts crime. This platform is a fusion of robotics, predictive analytics and collaborative social engagement that aims to cut crime in half in a geo-fenced area. The first product introduction was the K5 robot in December 2013.

LMGPR launched Knightscope through a well-thought-out and comprehensive PR program and established the company as an up-and-coming player in the robotics and autonomous technology categories.


Knightscope was in stealth mode and had no prior media coverage.  Knightscope is unlike any other platform in the industry so LMGPR needed to build an awareness and education campaign to drive industry conversations quickly. Also, LMGPR wanted to ensure the K5 robot was perceived as a breakthrough platform and not compared to Robocop or other popular security or robot icons.

Custom Program

LMGPR worked closely with the Knightscope team to develop a clear and concise description of the company and platform, as well as their solution. To leverage the coolness and “wow” factor of the K5 robot, LMGPR recommended that Knightscope hold a press junket and invite key local press for an in-person demonstration of the robot and interview with founders.  LMGPR coordinated all the details and invited a mix of print, online and broadcast media to the Knightscope event. NBC Bay Area, Bloomberg West, IDG News Service, Mashable, CNET, and CNN all attended the press junket. In addition, LMGPR reached out to several key technology press covering robotics, which led to a briefing with noted New York Times tech reporter John Markoff.

After the press junket, LMGPR leveraged the positive Knightscope media coverage and used it to create buzz leading up to the Plug & Play Winter Expo.  At that event, Silicon Valley Business Journal and Al Jazeera TV Network both covered Knightscope, followed shortly by national broadcast, tech, venture and business media.


Knightscope was one of LMGPR’s most success launches to date with more than 200 million impressions. As a result of LMGPR’s efforts and influence, Knightscope was featured in several high-profile media outlets. Coverage was led by a very positive article from The New York Times, which called Knightscope “the night watchman of the future.” In addition, USA Today, Mashable, Newsweek, Discovery News, PC World, Read Write Web all covered Knightscope. On the broadcast front, all 5 major news network organizations (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CNN) covered Knightscope. The Daily Show with Jon Stewart featured the K5 in a segment as well.

Business Impact

The infusion of editorial coverage has increased interest from venture capitalists, customers and technology partners. In addition, the visibility generated by press helped educate the public on the K5 robot’s capabilities as well as alleviate their privacy concerns.


As a result of LMGPR outreach and influence, Knightscope has received 50 pieces of relevant media coverage in business, technology and trade outlets, totaling over 203,125,835 million impressions.

In addition to high-profile print/online coverage, Knightscope was featured in several broadcast outlets including Fox News, NBC Bay Area, CBS, ABC and Bloomberg West.