Our Case Studies

SKULLY Helmets

LMGPR Case Study:

Following a motorcycle accident, Dr. Marcus Weller had a vision to transform the face of the motorcycle industry with advanced Heads-Up Display (HUD) technology. SKULLY Helmet’s human-centered approach to engineering has ushered in the new standard of safety and enjoyment in motorcycling. With the introduction of the SKULLY P1, the first vertically-integrated smart HUD motorcycle helmet, never have motorcycle riders been more situational aware and so connected.

Founded in the Silicon Valley in 2013, SKULLY’s award-winning Synapse™ technology platform enhances awareness of its users by linking advanced optics to an intelligent network of cameras, sensors and microprocessors. SKULLY Helmets is a privately-held company with strategic partnerships spanning the world’s leading motorcycle, technology and optics companies.


SKULLY Helmets needed to raise its visibility to attract potential investors, partners and consumers through coverage in business, consumer, and road and track outlets. With no prior interaction with the media, it was essential for SKULLY Helmets to develop a public/press-friendly messaging platform to drive media and consumer awareness for their product and in addition, support SKULLY’s first demonstration of its helmet at the DEMO event.  LMGPR had approximately two weeks to take SKULLY from zero to 60.

Custom Program

LMGPR joined forces with SKULLY very early on to develop a PR campaign that would drive industry dialogue, create consumer enthusiasm and drive venture capital interest. LMGPR developed a message platform, media and social media campaign to position SKULLY Helmets as an early innovator in wearable technology, as well as position SKULLY Helmet’s founder, Dr. Marcus Weller, as a visionary and expert in this emerging category.

LMGPR created a media campaign, through a combination of media relations and social media integration to drive awareness for the launch of SKULLY Helmets. Leveraging LMGPR’s media contacts, briefings were secured with several top-tier publications including Wired, CNET TV, Road and Track, Popular Science, USA Today, Engadget, Silicon Valley Business Journal and Fast Company.


Since LMGPR strategically partnered with SKULLY Helmets, the company is now perceived as a forward-thinking innovator in the burgeoning wearable technology category. Within the first 24 hours of launch, several media outlets covered SKULLY Helmets, most notably Road & Track, CNET, WIRED and the national broadcast show, Right This Minute.  Less than two weeks later, more than 40 articles had been written, beta requests had surpassed 20,000 and YouTube views reached 200,000.

Noted consumer tech evangelist Rob Enderle wrote about SKULLY Helmets and named it PRODUCT OF THE WEEK in TechNewsWorld. Enderle described the helmet as “a product on stage that immediately hit me had been built to Steve Jobs’ product template” furthermore “the SKULLY doesn’t do a ton of things—but what it does, it does amazingly well.”

At the 2013 DEMO event, LMGPR provided on-site PR support and secured several media briefings including USA Today, Silicon Valley Business Journal and TechBuzz. Influenced by the buzz generated by LMGPR, SKULLY Helmets was selected as one of 2013 DEMO’s “DEMOgod” award winners for innovation.

“LMGPR played a critical role in developing our launch and media strategy. They helped bring SKULLY from zero to 60 in the media quickly, securing front-page visibility, getting investors and consumers talking. A hands-on, strategic partner to our team.” Dr. Marcus Weller, founder, SKULLY Helmets.

Business Impact

The media coverage influenced by LMGPR has increased the company’s visibility with funding prospects, customers and technology partners. Through LMGPR’s well-executed public relations programs, SKULLY Helmets was successfully introduced to the world and is now perceived as an innovator in the wearable tech space.


  • Garnered over 65 million impressions from media articles
  • Over 50 features and stories secured, including almost half coming within the first week of launch, with at least 15 running after the initial launch
  • Garnered over 265,000 YouTube views on SKULLY video in less than a month
  • Added over 1000 Twitter followers in less than a month
  • Notable followers: CNET’s Seth Rosenblatt, Consumer Report’s Jim Travers, the Food Network’s Gabriele Corcos, Anaheim Angels pitcher C.J. Wilson, Discovery’s Brian Brushwood, DEMO producer Erick Shonfeld, TV actor Owain Yeoman, and Apple Guru Rob Enderle.