Skyline Robotics


LMGPR began working with Skyline Robotics in June of 2021 as an Israeli-based company sought to raise visibility to drive funding and establish their presence in North America, particularly New York City, the skyscraper capital of the world. Skyline Robotics, at the time, had little exposure in the US market and it was LMGPR’s job to change that.

Custom Program

LMGPR quickly developed a narrative story around Ozmo for robotics, business media, and business real estate and management publications, highlighting not just Ozmo’s cutting -edge technology, state-of-the-art robotics, and innovation, but the business story of how Ozmo actually addresses key concerns in the window-cleaning industry, most notably safety and labor shortages. LMGPR pointed out how window cleaning has remained unchanged over the past century despite buildings getting taller, increasing the risk for humans. LMG also pointed out that there is an impending labor shortage as 74% of window cleaners in the USA are over the age of 40, but only 10% are between the ages of 20 and 30. Additionally, LMG focused on how Skyline is presenting opportunities for robots and humans to work together as the Ozmo robots are controlled by humans from a safe distance. Finally, LMG introduced Skyline’s new leadership team based in Manhattan.


As a result of LMGPR’s outreach, Skyline Robotics received global coverage with over 100 strategic placements in 16 countries, garnering 2B media impressions. Top tier placements included Forbes, TechCrunch, Robot Reporter, and an exclusive behind-the scenes experience on CNBC that went viral in nine countries. The company was also featured in Merger Market as a “key company to watch” and was included in Gartner and 451 Research reports. Additionally, LMGPR submitted successfully submitted Skyline Robotics for a Robotics Business Review Top 50 Award, Proptech Innovation Award, 2023 BuiltWorlds Robotics 50 List, and an Honoree in the Fast Company Innovation Awards.

Business Impact

Skyline Robotics’ increased media visibility resulted in new funding, partnerships and business opportunities. The first Ozmo high-rise window cleaning robots have been deployed and are cleaning windows in New York City. The company has completed two successful funding rounds raising $12M. Skyline also received a key investment from commercial and residential real estate giant, Durst Ventures, an affiliate of The Durst Organization, that owns some of New York’s most notable skyscrapers including One Bryant Park, One World Trade Center and 151 West 42nd Street. In 2023. Skyline now has key strategic partners in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and the Middle East, including Principle Cleaning Services, London’s leading window cleaning company, to bring Ozmo robots to the London skyline. Additionally, Skyline Robotics has secured key patents from Japan and Singapore as it begins its global expansion to bring Ozmo to cities and skyscrapers across the world.


  • 2 billion media impressions
  • 100 strategic articles including Forbes, TechCrunch and CNBC
  • Coverage in 16 countries
  • Increased interest from venture capitalists, customers and partners
  • $12M in funding
  • 4 top-tier awards: Robotics Business Review Top 50 Award, Proptech Innovation Award, 2023 BuiltWorlds Robotics 50 List, and Fast Company Innovation Award Honoree