Recommended Reading: Risky Business In Rising China


For more than 30 years, American entrepreneur Mark Atkeson found himself in the trenches of the Chinese economy managing joint venture sand startup companies.

His new memoir, RISKY BUSINESS IN RISING CHINA: Deals, Ordeals and Lessons Learned as an American Entrepreneur in a Surging Superpower Grappling with Growing Pains, chronicles Atkeson’s real-life experiences as the world’s most populous nation transformed itself into a global economic and military superpower.

Over his three-decade career, Atkeson worked across a variety of industries ranging from aircraft maintenance to electric-vehicle production, mobile internet to venture capital. In addition to Atkeson’s behind-the-scenes business dealings with entrepreneurs and government officials, the book offers an unprecedented glimpse into Chinese society, its economy and its governance into the near and distant future.

RISKY BUSINESS IN RISING CHINA has received high praise from readers. Here’s what people are saying:

“Atkeson is a talented storyteller whose diverse and adventurous China business career winds along the path of China’s progress and setbacks.” – James McGregor, American author, journalist and businessman, and three-decade resident of China

“Mark Atkeson's China business memoir recounts his peripatetic career from the early days of the Open DoorPolicy to the Modern China of 2023 in an honest, humorous and detailed way.This book will be valuable for anyone seeking to understand the often messy ‘inside story’ of China's rise in the late 20th Century, and the role that foreign managers and investors played in the process.” – David G. Brooks, former chairman, Coca-Cola Greater China and Korea

“If you want to understand today’s China, and the forces changing it, you need to read Atkeson’s book.” – John Clasen, former director of China business development, Magellan Aviation Group

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Mark Atkeson was also a recent guest on the Grit Daily Show podcast where he discussed the book and shared his perspectives on US-China business relations.

RISKY BUSINESS IN RISING CHINA is now available on Amazon.