Our Case Studies

Monarch Tractor

LMGPR Case Study:

Monarch Tractor is the world’s smartest, fully electric, autonomous tractor. The robust platform offers groundbreaking technology that empowers sustainable farming with actionable intelligence, clean energy and unparalleled safety features.

Monarch Tractor combines mechanization, automation, and data analysis to enhance farmer’s existing operations, alleviate labor shortages, and maximize yields. The company is working to utilize 21st-century technology to empower farmers by enabling profitable implementation of sustainable and organic practices.


Monarch Tractor came to LMGPR in stealth mode in September of 2020. Monarch’s founder & CEO had previously worked with LMGPR on the successful Divergent 3D launch and was aiming for similar results. LMGPR helped develop a timeline, taking into consideration major events such as the presidential election and the effects of COVID-19 to ensure a successful launch in early December. LMGPR aimed to establish Monarch Tractor as a key player against world-renowned brands such as John Deere while also spotlighting the company’s innovative 21st century technology geared toward sustainable farming operations. A key challenge was letting the media experience Monarch Tractor in the midst of the pandemic.

Custom Program

With less than 90 days to prepare for launch, LMGPR began a multifaceted program to tell Monarch’s story. There were several components to this story including business, tech and vertical markets such as agriculture, sustainability, transportation, and the wine industry, as Monarch Tractors were being piloted at several vineyards. LMGPR teamed up with filmmaker Robert Gomez Hernandez to produce a promotional video which not only demonstrated the tractor’s features, but also included testimonials from customers. Additionally, LMGPR hosted an exclusive socially distanced showcase with select journalists at a local vineyard to  give them a firsthand look at the tractor in action.


Between Monarch Tractor’s 2020 launch and 2022, LMGPR secured more than 2600 articles globally with 19 billion impressions and raised visibility resulting in over $80 million in funding. Monarch Tractor was featured in top-tier media outlets including Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, BBC, CNN, Fox, New York Times, Fast Company, Digital Trends, and CNET, as well as important vertical markets including top agriculture, farm and electric outlets such as Wine Business Monthly, Farm Equipment, Electrek, and more. The company was praised not only for its technology, but also for its socially responsible mission to protect the environment and farm workers. Additionally, LMGPR secured Monarch Tractor several awards to build further momentum including a 2021 BIG Innovation Award from the Business Intelligent Group, a CES 2022 Innovation Award, and inclusion in the 2022 CNBC Disruptor 50 list.

Business Impact

Monarch Tractor’s media exposure was a global success, resulting in customer interest from North and South America, Europe and Asia. The company received 100 orders for the $50,000 tractor in a matter of days. The company also saw an increase in partnership opportunities from technology companies as well as an increase in interest from venture capitalists, culminating with a sizeable investment from Musashi Seimitsu Industry Co., Ltd. Monarch Tractor is now seen as a key player in the tractor and sustainable farming industries.


  • 220 media placements in 7 countries
  • 8 billion impressions
  • 100 new $50,000 orders
  • Increased interest from venture capitalists, customers and technology partners
  • Nationwide deployments and international recognition