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UBTECH Robotics

LMGPR Case Study:

UBTECH Robotics is a global leader in intelligent humanoid robots. The company’s interactive robots serve the public, accelerate STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education for children and assist and entertain in the home. The company aims to integrate UBTECH robots into our daily lives to enhance how we live, work, learn, and play.


LMGPR began working with UBTECH in late 2016. Already a recognized robotics leader in China, UBTECH sought to establish its North American presence. The company had several products scheduled for release and with the holiday season and CES 2017 looming, LMGPR had to ramp up quickly. The first priority was introducing UBTECH’s Jimu Robot line, an interactive, STEM-friendly robotic building block system for kids 8-14, in time for the holiday shopping season, followed by the introduction of Lynx, the first UBTECH humanoid robot featuring Amazon Alexa, and the entire UBTECH range of robots at CES 2017.

Custom Program

LMGPR developed a multipronged PR campaign for Jimu Robot that included introducing several robots (MeeBot Kit, BuzzBot & MuttBot Kit, Explorer Kit, and Inventor Kit), educating the public on STEM and the benefits it brings to children, and securing reviews and placements not just in tradiional media outlets, but holiday gift guides as well.

As part of its STEM education outreach LMGPR worked with UBTECH on a promotional campaign in which the company teamed up with local schools to integrate UBTECH robots into the school’s STEM curriculum. Additionally, LMGPR promoted “Jimu Play Days” a series of hands-on, interactive events for kids held across the country to showcase its Jimu Robot line. The Jimu Robot holiday promotion culminated with an appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America where 136 Jimu Robots built by students at its partner schools were programmed to perform a dance in unison before a nationwide audience.

While building momentum with the Jimu Robot campaign, LMGPR was concurrently preparing for UBTECH’s appearance at CES 2017. In addition to the official unveiling of Lynx, the show would also mark the official introduction of Cruzr, TankBot, LionBot, and KarBot, as well as existing robots including Alpha 2 and the entire Jimu Robot family. With so many new products to promote, LMGPR recommended UBTECH take part in Showstoppers, a showcase held in conjunction with CES allowing companies to demonstrate their products before journalists. The event was a success with several top-tier media getting an up close look at UBTECH’s innovation. UBTECH also showcased on the floor of CES, receiving thousands of visitors over the course of the convention.


Within the first 120 days of working with LMGPR, UBTECH was featured in more than 200 articles garnering more than 500 million impressions. UBTECH also appeared on five major TV broadcasts that were syndicated across 250 stations. The Jimu Robot holiday campaign was a great success that saw the company spotlighted in top-tier publications along with more than a dozen holiday gift guides. At CES, UBTECH received critical acclaim for its technology and was featured in global media outlets including USA Today, The New York Times, Wired, Forbes, and CNET. UBTECH took home several awards including CES 2017 Innovation Awards for Alpha 2 and Jimu Robot range, and a Tom’s Guide CES 2017 Best New Tech award for Lynx.

Social Program

In conjunction with the traditional media campaign, LMGPR launched an ambitious 12-month social media campaign to increase consumer following and raise UBTECH’s presence and influence in the social sphere. Key campaigns centered around product education, customer engagement and STEM, and were carried out across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter via strategic content, dynamic images and videos, company news, and live events. LMGPR also oversaw the creation and optimization of more than 50 videos for UBTECH’s YouTube page. Additionally, LMGPR carried out more than 150 ad campaigns achieving competitive prices for website clicks, new followers and video views through monthly revisions and optimization that worked in sync with company marketing initiatives.


LMGPR’s robust social media program delivered impressive results for UBTECH garnering 50,000+ followers, over 6.2M impressions and more than 35K likes, shares and comments. The campaigns drove website traffic, product purchases, brand recognition, new followers, and email signups UBTECH saw tremendous growth across its social media channels with Facebook growing by 300 percent, Instagram by 600 percent, and Twitter by 1000 percent. UBTECH’s videos received more than 970,000 views. On the ad campaign front, social media is now the most cost-effective means for UBTECH’s advertising initiatives.

Business Impact

LMGPR’s full scale PR program has resulted in a complete communications ecosystem that has established UBTECH’s North American presence and boosted product sales. The company saw its Jimu Robots sell out in Apple Stores and on Amazon during the holiday season. Post CES, the company has continued to build momentum introducing new robots including AstroBot Kit and BuilderBots Kit and appearing at notable shows including the New York Toy Fair and WWDC 2017. The company has expanded its North American headquarters and leadership team, and has inked upcoming licensing deals with entertainment companies and world-renowned movie franchises further solidifying its position as a global leader in humanoid robotics.


  • Over 500 million impressions from media articles and social media
  • Over 200 features and stories secured in top-tier media outlets in 120 days
  • Good Morning America appearance – five million viewers
  • Products featured on over 250 television stations
  • Over 970,000 YouTube video views
  • 50,000 new followers and tremendous growth on Facebook (300 percent), Instagram (600 percent), and Twitter (1000 percent)
  • Notable industry awards & recognition including CES 2017 Innovation Awards and Tom’s Guide CES 2017 Best New Tech Award