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Deep Sentinel

LMGPR Case Study:

Deep Sentinel delivers an unrivaled, next-generation approach to home security as the only system that provides live surveillance by remote professionally trained security guards and propriety artificial intelligence. LiveSentinel™ 24/7 video surveillance guards, armed with artificial intelligence, computer vision and wire-free cameras, confront intruders within seconds of them entering into your property line and notify law enforcement if necessary. Deep Sentinel’s intuitive and affordable home protection platform is the only system equipped with advanced technology to actually prevent burglaries, auto break-ins and package thefts before they occur.


The home security market is a saturated one. Legacy players such as ADT dominate the market, while new entries such as Ring have also made a notable impact. Thus, it was important to separate Deep Sentinel from its competitors and establish the company as a disruptor. LMGPR has introduced many home and campus security products to market and brought a legacy of experience to help Deep Sentinel stand out from the crowd.

To achieve this, it was vital to direct the conversation to focus on key differentiators between Deep Sentinel and other security systems on the market. This included not only highlighting Deep Sentinel’s AI deep learning platform, but showcasing its “LiveSentinels,” live 24/7 surveillance guards ready to take action within seconds. LMGPR developed key messages to demonstrate Deep Sentinel’s industry-leading response times to potential incidents, as well as the need for security systems to be proactive in preventing crimes as opposed to reactive, which has become the industry norm.

Custom Program

LMGPR began working with Deep Sentinel in mid-2018 ahead of its official 2019 launch. The goal was to create a groundswell of momentum to build excitement for the company’s official unveiling at CES 2019. Prior to launch, LMGPR began an ambitious outreach and education campaign leveraging the company, its technology and its founder, Dave “Selly” Selinger.

The first phase saw LMGPR briefing analyst and key influencers to build an influencer community. LMGPR also began introducing Deep Sentinel Founder Dave Selinger, an AI pioneer who developed the first product recommendation system at Amazon, and later co-founded Redfin and RichRelevance, to the media. LMGPR leveraged Selinger’s personal story of creating Deep Sentinel after a neighbor’s house was victimized, adding a human touch to a technological new path forward for home security.

The second phase of PR activity included a series of original home security reports and infographics to build market education. Continuing with the education, more than 500 beta users shared their feedback and crime-based testimonials. Challenging popular social media alerts used by Ring and others, LMG created a metro news alert library of incidents happening in key metros. Seattle, New York, Sacramento and Bay Area metros were among those featured in crime prevention stories. LMGR continued to build market education pushing daily Facebook and Twitter stories featuring crime scene videos and prevention tips. Additionally, LMGPR secured unboxing videos with key influencers to drive awareness and traffic to company site.

As CES 2019 loomed, Deep Sentinel was on the media radar and ready to make an impact.


LMGPR secured More than 100 articles or four million impressions leading into CES 2019 including TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Forbes, CNET and Tom’s Guide. Deep Sentinel’s disruptive new platform received “best security product” awards by CNET and Tom’s Guide, and “best security camera by TechHive and Tom’s Guide. More than 12 product reviews were secured and the company was featured in Car and Driver, Travel Weekly, Consumer Reports, and other consumer-based magazines. Additionally, David Selinger will be featured in a BBC series on deep learning and artificial intelligence in 2020.

Business Impact

The media coverage influenced by LMGPR has made a notable impact on Deep Sentinel. The company has received several key industry awards and recognition including the 2019 Fast Company Design Award. Deep Sentinel continues to receive praise from regional police and community safety groups on its goal to prevent crime in America and building a social voice on and off line. The company’s brand awareness positioned them as the disruptive home security system in 2019 leading to a significant increase in customers and additional funding as well.


  • Over four million impressions from media articles
  • Over 100 features and stories secured in top-tier media outlets
  • Notable industry awards & recognition from Fast Company, CNET, TechHive, Tom’s Guide, and more