Our Case Studies

Check Point


Check Point’s SocialGuard is a social monitoring tool that provides parents the ability to monitor their children’s Facebook activity while also allowing their tween or teen to have independence in the social networking world. For the launch of their first social media monitoring tool Check Point was looking to have conversations beyond its security and business targets and to build a voice in the consumer market, specifically through lifestyle publications and broadcast targets.

Communications Output

LMGPR created a media strategy that included targets in the following categories: consumer technology, business and wires, consumer (lifestyle and teen publications and mommy blogs) and broadcast. The team reached out to Check Point’s traditional consumer technology and business targets for briefings on the new social media monitoring tool with Check Point executives and to offer trials of the product for review. For the lifestyle publications, mommy blog and broadcast targets LMGPR educated contacts on the “social threats” aimed at tweens and teens online today with statistics, executive briefings and trials of the product.


LMGPR secured over 130 premium media pieces including print, online, mommy blogs, and radio coverage. Notable placements included The Wall Street Journal, Wired, Today Show, USA Today, San Francisco Chronicle, New York Times, Associated Press, CNET, CNN Radio and host of consumer and parent magazines and blogs.

The team also secured an opportunity for Check Point to participate in a Mother’s Day Twitter Party thrown by Mom’s Fashion File, a group of three mommy bloggers. The Twitter party provided Check Point 15 minutes in front of an audience of over 90 moms while the mommy bloggers tweeted about the social threats that exist for tweens and teens today and SocialGuard’s product features. The party generated 2,003 tweets which produced 5,493,650 impressions to reach a final audience of 192,407.