Our Case Studies


LMGPR Case Study:

AirSelfie is changing photography as we know it, delivering the smallest, easiest and most enjoyable hands-free way for you to take stunning, panoramic, high-definition photos and videos. A simple toss in the air and AirSelfie captures aerial photos and video experiences that you can quickly and seamlessly share on social media.


LMGPR engaged with AirSelfie to launch a new family of products at CES 2019 in 60 days. LMGPR needed to quickly build brand awareness to drive media dialogue. Notably, LMGPR needed to educate the media and social influencers on how AirSelfie’s unique feature set differentiates itself from existing camera and drone devices as a disruptor. The company’s initial product release did not have favorable reviews and LMG also built a product review program and crisis communications plan to ensure a great result.


LMGPR devised and executed a media strategy and social influencer outreach campaign to launch AirSelfie’s AIR PIX, AIR ZEN and AIR DUO at CES 2019. LMGPR touted AirSelfie’s coolness and “wow” factor to generate sneak previews, YouTube unboxing, holiday gift guides, CES demos at ShowStoppers, and broadcast segments prior to CES opening – paving the way for a groundswell of media coverage during CES week. The product review program included a “Liftoff Guide,” welcome letter and digital kit for each qualified review editor.


As a result of LMGPR’s efforts and influence, earned media generated 2B+ unique visitors. Some key accolades by media included:

  • Reuters: “The Best of CES”
  • Fox News: “Top Tech Trends to Watch at CES”
  • New York Post “Bots, Gadgets and Gizmos at Tech Fest”
  • VentureBeat: “AirSelfie debuts 3 new pocket-sized drones with built-in cameras”
  • Forbes: “Gadget Guide to CES”
  • Trend Hunter: “One of the Top 100 Photography Trends of 2019”
  • PopSugar: “The 18 Coolest Gadgets of 2019 Are So Genius, They’ll Change Your Daily Life Forever”
  • Wired “The Gadget Future is here”

Prior to CES, LMGPR jumpstarted AirSelfie’s first wave of positive unboxing videos from Khan Flicks, the Zunigas and Unbox Warehouse – boosting AirSelfie’s social brand by generating 75K new viewers on Instagram and YouTube. Unbox Warehouse shot live from the CES booth, giving users a firsthand experience of the cameras in flight. The team secured product reviews with Toms Guide, USA Today, Digital Trends, Engadget, and O.  (The camera was delayed but LMGPR secured these).


The media coverage and visibility on social influencer channels made a notable impact on AirSelfie. LMGPR’s successful execution on media and social influencer outreach has positioned AirSelfie for future success and momentum as the company recently met and exceeded its Indiegogo funding goal by securing over $1 million in funding and was honored as “CE Week 2019’s Best of Show.” LMGPR elevated AirSelfie’s social brand by landing positive unboxing videos and establishing clout with key social influencers.


  • 150+ articles including Reuters, Forbes, Fox, VentureBeat, Forbes, NY Post, Wired,
  • CES 2019: 2B media impressions and 60+ editorial placements in Fox News TV, Yahoo, Wired, NY Post
  • Boosted social brand by generating 75K new viewers on Instagram and YouTube
  • Reuters: “Best of CES”
  • Fox News: “Top Tech Trends to Watch at CES”
  • CE Week: 2019’s “Best Of Show”
  • Viewed as one of the “hot” CES companies in their market
  • Met and exceeded funding goal
  • Established clout with key social influencers
  • Significant increase in inquiries and product pre-orders