Women in STEM: Girl Scouts adds 23 new STEM Badges


By Miranda Carter

One small step for Girl Scouts, one huge leap for women in technology.The Girl Scouts of America is dedicated to helping young girls excel in life and this summer they took that dedication to a new level.Proving its commitment to building girls of courage and leadership, the Girl Scouts has introduced 23 new badges in the fields of science, technology, engineering, math, and the outdoors. This marks the organization’s largest programming rollout in almost a decade, focusing on building girls’ skills and interests in STEM and environmental conservation from an early age."Design a Robot" badge:

"Programing Robots" badge:

The newest badges include honors in activities such as “Design a Robot” and “Programming Robots” that require the Scouts to create and design simple machines to plan and build like an engineer."Race Car Design Challenge" badge:

"Fling Flyer Design Challenge" badge:

Other hands-on and age-appropriate STEM badges include the “Race Car Design Challenge” where Scouts learn how their race car and track design affect speed, and the “Fling Flyer Design Challenge” which teaches Scouts about the forces that affect flight.With 1.8 million girls, The Girl Scouts is providing a platform for young women from the ages of K-12 to embrace their interests in STEM. According to its website, Girl Scouts are almost twice as likely as non–Girl Scouts to participate in STEM (60 percent versus 35 percent) and outdoor activities (76 percent versus 43 percent).As STEM skills become more and more important, the Girl Scouts organization is giving its members a head start on developing those skills that stand to help them excel in both their academic and life goals.You go, girls!