UBTECH and LMGPR: A CES Success Story


It’s not easy to stand out in the crowd at CES.As the world’s largest innovation event, there are thousands of companies from all over the globe shouting “Hey, look at me!”Competition is fierce and it takes months of planning to pull off a successful event.When UBTECH came to LMGPR to help with this process, we saw something special. UBTECH’s line of humanoid robots was second-to-none and its featured robot “Lynx,” the first UBTECH robot with Amazon Alexa, was a home run.But again, with thousands of other companies also debuting innovative products at the same time, a lot of work would have to be done to secure the media’s interest.


At LMGPR, we began our media outreach months in advance of CES with targeted traditional and social media campaigns. Teasing the unveiling of what was sure to be the “it” robot at CES, momentum began to build. By the time CES arrived, the buzz was real and so were the results.With LMGPR’s tactical and targeted outreach combined with UBTECH’s innovation, the company and its line of robots received global coverage from some of the most respected media outlets in the world including the Associated Press, BBC, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNET, and The New York Times. UBTECH was ultimately featured in more than 200 media outlets with more than 500 million impressions. UBTECH also made significant gains in its social media following growing its Facebook and Twitter followings by 50 percent and its Instagram following by 300 percent.

Lynx Award

In addition to the media coverage, UBTECH received several CES-related awards and recognition including a CES 2017 Innovation Award, an IHS Markit Innovation Award, and a Tom’s Guide CES 2017 Award.CES was a smashing success for UBTECH and sets the bar for a banner year. We at LMGPR look forward to a continued partnership with UBTECH and helping propel them to new heights in 2017.If you are a company looking to stand out in the crowd, contact LMGPR for a free consultation today.