Symbolizing Silicon Valley


(Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay)

How do you symbolize Silicon Valley?

Some might say an apple or a “thumbs up” or perhaps a silicon chip.

But those speak more to certain companies than they do to Silicon Valley as a whole, which encompasses a wide range of technology and industries, as well as the spirit of innovation.

The City of San Jose is in the midst of a design contest to create a monument to celebrate Silicon Valley being the tech capital of the world. The monument will be erected in Arena Green Park.

But what should the monument be?

Should it be a simple statue?

Should it be a futuristic interactive collage that looks to the past, present and future?

Should it be a landmark like the Space Needle or Gateway Arch… something iconic that will need no explanation whether you’ve been there or not?

The idea is sparking lively conversation on just what Silicon Valley is and means and how best to represent it.

Submissions are now being taken and the winning design will be selected this fall.

Got any ideas? Share them in the comments below, or better yet, submit them to the competition here!