Must-Have Travel Gizmos


By Noe Sacoco

I love traveling, but it’s not without its hassles. Phonedying? Trouble sleeping? Want to elevate your selfie game? No problem! Thereare several travel gadgets that will solve most travel problems at a minimalcost. When traveling, I like to establish a practical approach and only packthe devices that will make my trip efficient, convenient and, most importantly,memorable. Whether I’m beach bumming it in O’ahu, hitting up a music festivalor soaking up the sun at a pool party in Vegas, these are my must-have gadgetsI rely on while traveling:

Courtesy of Noe Sacoco's Instagram


C’mon, selfie sticks were so 3 years ago. Thanks to my AirSelfie, I’ve stepped up my selfie game. What I love about the AirSelfie2 is that it’s the perfect size to pack and bring on getaways, the beach, the club, or at a dinner party. I’m smitten by sunsets so I rely on the AirSelfie2 to capture unique experiences that I can post and share on Instagram.

Courtesy of Apollo Neuroscience

Apollo Neuroscience

As a Hawaiian born, I’m a sucker for beaches. While the beach views are always breathtaking, one of my favorite things to do is catch up on sleep and nap. As it is with traveling, however, the time zone difference can affect sleep patterns. That’s why I use Apollo, the first technology to improve sleep and cognitive performance by delivering vibration through a wearable experience. Lately, my Apollo has been very influential when it comes to ensuring that I’m consistently getting enough sleep when I’m traveling or back home in the Bay Area.

Courtesy of Noe Sacoco's Instagram

RavPower’s Power Bank

Music festivals are an all-day affair so ensuring your phone is powered up is critical. Enter my RavPower that not only keeps my phone juiced up for posting hella InstaStories, but enough power to share the wealth with friends who need their phones charged as well.

Courtesy of Noe Sacoco's Instagram


Like many travelers, one of my rituals on the plane is watching movies or catching up on what’s trending on Netflix and Hulu. For years, my iPad has been an integral necessity of mine when it comes to re-watching Remember the Titans, American History X or bingeing Love & Hip Hop (s/o to the homie Cardi B) #okurrrttt.

Courtesy of Deep Sentinel

Deep Sentinel

Whether you’re on a day trip or overseas for a few weeks, ensure your home is equipped with a home security platform that protects against porch pirates and burglars. For peace of mind, check out Deep Sentinel, the only home security system that provides live remote security guards protecting your home 24/7. Deep Sentinel’s Smart Home Surveillance System combines next-generation wireless cameras, predictive local artificial intelligence and LiveSentinel™ 24/7 video surveillance guards. Unlike existing home security systems that send alerts, Deep Sentinel incidents are monitored in real time by a team of trained LiveSentinel’s (inc. former police officers) to keep your home and valuables safe and sound.

These are just a few of the emerging and disruptive travel gadgets becoming available to make traveling easier, more convenient and memorable. I hope the gizmos highlighted above will become essential gadgets you consider on your upcoming trips. - Noe