Instagram 101 for Businesses - Part Three: Let’s Get Instagramming!


By Delight Nwangwu


Now that your game plan is in place and you’ve thought about your Instagram Image, it’s finally time to start Instagramming!First things first: Download the app! Make sure whoever creates the account has the username, password, and email used documented so that if another person takes over the account, they can easily access it without having to create a new one! Once downloaded, here are a few housekeeping items you will have to consider:

  1. Username- Your username should be fairly simple: just put your company name. However, if for some reason your company name is taken you’ll have to get creative and think of an alternative username.
  2. Bio- The bio can be a little tricky since it's only 150 characters but not too much since it is a statement of what your company is about. Make sure to include your company’s website at the bottom of your bio as well as any main hashtag you want your followers to use.
  3. Profile Image - The profile image is typically the company’s logo and it fits in the small circle on the top left corner. If the company logo doesn’t work with the sizing then find another photo (preferably original) that relates to your brand.
  4. Public Profile- As a business, it is in your best interest to make your profile public! Having it on private lowers your chances of reaching your goals.
  5. Following- The best way to increase your chances of achieving your Instagram goals is through your following. In addition to adding people in your own network, make sure you follow influencers in your industry. They just might follow you back, resulting in an even larger following. Also, If you have a budget to advertise on social media, use it! Advertising will help you increase your number of followers, potentially helping you reach your goals faster. Without advertising to boost your follower count, you'll need to start from scratch, which can be difficult though not impossible. As mentioned before, utilize your hashtags!!! Click your hashtags and start liking or commenting on other people's profiles so that when they see your profile, they are more likely to click on it and give you likes or a follow. Don't expect your following to grow overnight. Every aspect of Instagram takes time and building a following is by far the longest.
  6. Post and engage with the community- First, you should go to your notifications sections. Find “Like Notification & Comment Notification” and then click “from everyone.” This will make your profile more credible since you can easily engage with the public whether they follow you or not. Also, Instagram users tend to trust more companies who are quick to respond or engage with them.

Time to start posting content!Remember to follow your content calendar as well as your theme for your images and hashtags. If your image is in a certain location, be sure to tag that location as it helps boost your images like a hashtag. If your Instagram post can be cross posted with other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc., be sure to do it!And there you have it! You have successfully completed Instagram 101 for Business. Good luck as you take your company on a visual journey!