Inspiration on Two Wheels


You might not think a bike ride can change the world, but when you read “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion,” you might just change your mind.“A Bicycle Built for Two Billion” is the story of Jamie Bianchini, a serial entrepreneur who set off on a global bike ride “in search of love, compassion, and connection.”The ride begins in San Francisco and over the course of eight years, Jamie brings his “Peace Pedalers” mission to 81 countries around the world.Riding a tandem bike, Jamie pedals on the front seat while inviting total strangers to join the journey on the back seat. the ride, Jamie meets hundreds of people and gets to know them on a personal level. Many of these rides spawn new friendships and the conversations result in the launch of a dozen grassroots projects designed to give back to communities globally.Jamie’s epic journey has its fair share of ups and downs. Not everyone he meets is “good,” but Jamie’s ability to continue to trust and have faith in his fellow man proves a guiding light throughout his journey. There’s love, loss, triumph, failure, injury, sickness, goodwill, and plenty of adventure to keep readers glued to the book.“A Bicycle Built for Two Billion” ends where it began in San Francisco, but you close the book knowing that Jamie’s story is far from over. He returns from his experience a changed man and ready to write the next chapter of his life.


Jamie’s adventure has also inspired his latest endeavor, LuDela, the world’s first real-flame smart candle you can control with a smartphone. In an effort to bring “better light and better lives” around the world, LuDela will donate a rechargeable solar light or a book to a community in need with each sale of a smart candle or candle refill pack.It’s all part of Jamie’s ongoing quest to spread positivity and make a difference in the lives of people across the globe.To get your copy of “A Bicycle Built for Two Billion,” visit the official website here.