Damon Motors Roars Into CES; Unveils New HyperFighter Colossus


By Lauren Louie

Damon Motors is launching into the new year at full speed with the announcement of its new, ultimate, urban assault HyperFighter Colossus streetfighter motorcycle. The unveiling happened during the company’s return to CES, the world’s largest consumer electric show, on January 5th. Damon held a number of events and interactive demonstrations at its booth, including a unique food truck experience with renowned celebrity chef and motorcycle enthusiast, Tyler Florence. Visitors were fired up and fed, thanks to the special menu created specifically for this event.


With 200 horsepower, a top speed of 170 miles per hour, and the ability to go from 0-60 in three seconds, the HyperFighter Colossus is an electrifying limited-edition streetfighter. Only 100 will be made and sold before this version is retired. Damon Motors also released plans for future models: HyperFighter Unlimited 20 and HyperFighter Unlimited 15. All HyperFighter models are built on Damon’s groundbreaking HyperDrive Technology, which is lauded as the world’s first monocoque-constructed, 100 percent electric, multi-variant powertrain and a CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree.The HyperFighter models boast Damon’s exclusive features not found on any other motorcycle: CoPilot and Shift. CoPilot is a 360˚ advanced warning system that uses radar, cameras, and non-visual sensors to track the speed, direction, and velocity of up to 64 moving objects around the bike for unparalleled situational awareness. Shift uses patented electronic ergonomics to transform the riding position between sport and commuter mode at the push of a button. This feature adjusts the handlebar position and the retractable windscreen to dramatically reduce wind resistance and increase long range comfort, all while in motion. HyperFighter Unlimited models are also customizable using Damon’s bodykit and graphic packages, so commuters, track and stunt riders can all ride comfortably. To see more of HyperFighter, watch this video.

Damon Co-founder and CEO Jay Giraud describes the HyperFighter as a “stripped-down demon of a bike that is not for the faint of heart.”

“Forget what you know about traditional streetfighters,” says Giraud. “Just as HyperSport has done to the sportbike segment, the HyperFighter stands to disrupt the streetfighter category with groundbreaking technology not found on any other bikes. [...] We’re excited to give the naked sports bike fanatic everything they want, and with HyperDrive serving as the nucleus, Damon can continue to innovate and rapidly scale to bring the world’s most electrifying motorcycles to market.”

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