We take products through every stage necessary for their creation – Product Discovery, Business and User Research, UX/UI Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, and future Product Improvements.

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Its all about your business, users, product, and the challenges you have.

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Other Services

Gift Guides

Personal electronics, home appliance and coveted luxury motorcycles and cars make the seasonal holiday guides in top-tier magazines, newspapers and TV.

Event Support

From web conferences to global events, we leverage our network to cover news on and off the floor in advance to drive customers to you.


Company, product and leadership awards showcase market excellence and can increase sales, partnerships and talent recruitment. We have secured hundreds of awards for our portfolio and are eager to do the same for you.

Strategic PR

Building brand and market credibility starts with a great story and validation. We build custom programs to meet your business needs and no two are alike. Our goal is to work with you building leadership, momentum and growth every step of the way.

Launch PR

We've celebrated over 500 company launches and product introductions to date. Our proven Pulse approach turns ideas into real tangible results. Our vast network of market analyst, investors, influencers, and media allow us to target the right audience at the right time.

Custom Content

These out-of-the-box requests are vast including collateral, website and SEO programs with our partner network acting as a full-service marketing team.

Rapid Response

Operating in a newsroom scenario, we monitor the airwaves for fast market response and results. This approach is ideal for companies wanting to build an aggressive thought leadership voice and rival the market landscape.

Product Reviews

Market validation is key and we work with labs, unboxers and reviews editors to ensure your product is ready for market. We also ensure your product is properly showcased for product awards, event showcases and gift guides.

Speakers Bureau

Virtual or in-person speaking engagements amplify market leadership and education. Our Pulse process allows us to editorialize and prioritize the events that are suited best. We have placed more than 2000 speaking engagements from venture, tech events to Ted Ex Talks.