Adapting to changing market conditions is important for every business.

COVID-19 has resulted in social distancing becoming the new normal, and has forced businesses to evolve their business models to meet customer needs while adhering to health guidelines.

Zohr is one company that has done just that is now thriving in the wake of Coronavirus.

Dubbed “the tire shop of the future,” Zohr is the mobile tire service that comes to you and makes tire replacement as easy as pushing a button. Simply choose your tires and book an appointment online. Zohr does the rest, coming out to your home or office to deliver and install the new tires. Zohr’s contact-free service can be conducted with no human interaction at all, allowing you to avoid long waits at tire shops and preventing unnecessary exposure to illness. And Zohr offers its level of service at the same price as going to a traditional tire shop.

Founded by brothers Komal and Anoop Choong, Zohr currently offers its services to individuals and fleets across Texas, Kansas and Missouri, and will be expanding throughout the US in 2020. So keep an eye out as Zohr will likely be in your area soon.

Watch this video to learn more about Zohr, “the tire store at your door!”