By Katelynn Degnan


Mystery is a thing of the past. Living in the age of Social Media, our lives are constantly on display. Between status updates and posting pictures and videos, social networks have become a necessity in today’s world. Staying connected is now crucial and has resulted in the creation of numerous social apps.  So which ones are the best? While Facebook and Twitter are the obvious heavyweights, here are my top three must-have apps to enhance your social media existence:



This highly-popularized app lets you post pictures and videos of anything you’re doing whether it’s eating at a new restaurant, hanging out with friends, looking over a nice view or even just a simple picture of the Starbucks coffee you are about to consume. Why do people like Instagram? For the “likes” of course! Someone double taps on your photo and suddenly this is the new popularity contest. How many likes did you get on your picture of that sandwich?



The very fun app Snapchat allows you to send quick pictures and videos to your friends that will delete after a maximum of 10 seconds.  Send an embarrassing picture of yourself to your best friend and you don’t have to worry about her saving it and using it as friendly blackmail… UNLESS they screenshot your picture. Even then, you are notified that they did that and you can take matters into your own hands. Endless fun and laughter come out of this newer app.



Now Vine is just videos. You get six seconds to make an awesome video and post it. If you don’t think six seconds is a long time, get Vine and you will see that people are making creative and sometimes hysterical videos to watch and “revine”. It’s a great app while you’re waiting for your plane to board or when you’re at the end of the line at the DMV. With Vine, boredom will become obsolete. What can you do with six seconds?

In today’s society, it’s important to be in the know of what’s happening in Social Media while also being thoroughly entertained by your friends and family. These apps are key to staying connected.

Get social, people!