Despite the recession, the tech market in the Silicon Valley is thriving. We have brought on some exciting clients with smart, out of the box innovations which confirms the Silicon Valley is a great place to work.
However, today I saw a man holding a sign reading “Will Work for Fun.” It made me wonder what type of job he had before he created this sign. Perhaps he worked at a Disneyland, drove a pumpkin truck or sold balloons. All jobs that tend to bring a smile to my face at least. Upon asking him he stated “Any job that is fun”. I rattled off a few of my ideas realizing that my idea of fun was not entertaining to him. To me the technology market is a lot like an amusement park. Everyday there is new innovation that might or might not make our life less complex, more efficient and rich. I think one of the reasons lab testing editors enjoy their jobs so much is they get all the cool toys before we do. Even under NDA getting the latest PDA or video game has to be like going to Disneyland.

That same spirit of newness and innovation is what keeps us in the tech sector for years. Its fun, it’s ever changing and it’s certainly never duel. The new media tools we have today make my first cell phone very uncool. Or perhaps my Apple Lisa that everyone crowded around like a bee on honey. Flash forward to an iPhone and we have cool again. The fact we get to play with technology, write and promote them all day long is hardly work… me its fun!