The Mike Douglass  Show a famous talk show host of the 70’s . It was the same time that the Newlywed Game, Dating Game, Laugh In and the Brady Bunch were top of  the TV schedule.   Mike Douglass  was a master at asking children about their opinions about things.  Pooling the opinion of a child can be fun, forthright and sometimes awaking.  So after presenting an overview on public relations to a class room of  second graders, I asked  What makes a good PR program?

Here’s the advise we received that is pretty honest I must say.

#1 Make it a good one

#2 Make sure it smells good

# 3 Make sure you spell the words correctly

#4 Make new  friends

#5 Don’t lie

# 6 Make sure the product works

#7 Make it pretty

#8 Work really hard

#9 Try it over and over

#10 Use and iPhone or new computer

#11 Try blogging 

#12 Don’t be a flunker!


Ok, these are pretty good tips considering second graders are still learning the basic sand box rules for the board room and office environment.