IDNTITI’s community rating tool launches today in public beta


Online reputation.  What people are saying about you online can be positive or damaging.  Now, you can move away from Google searches and dig deeper with a new online reputation management tool launched in public beta today – IDNTITI.  The new community tool provides users with a platform to rate people, organizations and products in a social networking environment seamlessly. 


Now, you might be asking yourself why join another social networking site when I have Linked In and Facebook at my disposal? 


One word – Reputation. You may have spent a lot of time building up your reputation and image both online and off, so it’s important to make sure that someone out there in the webosphere isn’t out there saying mean or damaging comments.  We must go beyond Google searches like mentioned in Entrepreneur’s recent article Look Good Online and think beyond what’s currently being offered and embrace the new kids on the block. 


We all know, credibility still matters. In today’s ever-changing world, it mean’s a lot more.  IDNTITI is a community rating tool that fills a huge gap in user research by digging deeper on user generated parameters that are sharable on a social networking platform.  Easy on the eyes, users can also view ratings based on demographics, community, and people similar to user demographics through a graph view.  They can share results among friends via Facebook, keep their rankings restricted to their community or add friends freely to their community to view rankings or ID score.  The user generated rating parameters are based on relationship such as employee, ex-employee, customer, public and prospect. 


Launching today in public beta, IDNTITI’s service is free to those wanting to rate in a democratic environment.  Try it pain free via Open ID, or become a member and have access to more tools that can help you analyze deeper on any entity with a single click, such as (a) My Community’s impression (b) Re-compute scores based on your shortlist of parameters (c) Scores based on people demographically similar to you. These tools will further enhance the richness of your experience and analysis helping you to make your decisions faster and much more precise.  Don’t forget, points = rewards.  Hope your online reputation is in tact! 


As IDNTITI would say, Rate Responsibly!