Most of us have read the best selling What Color is Your Parachute by Richard Nelson Bolles. If not, Career Builder and Dewey Color System has come up with a quick guide on picking your career based on your favorite color. Over the years I’ve been asked what kind of nut, fruit, tree or animal I am but color has only come up once. So for those of you not knowing if your career match and color are perfect here’s your chance.

The Dewey Color System is a scientifically validated color based personality test. According to the Dewy Color System you should choose your favorite color then your career.

This online test uses the patented Dewey Color System to formulate suggestions based on your choices from 3,375 color combinations. Here are some color combination examples from the Dewey Color System:

Yellow, green and white: The Designer. You create products, services or solutions to fit the environment of others. Among possible career choices: Real estate, interior design, travel planning, or any job where you can help shape and create surroundings for others.
Blue, green, and brown: The Dream Maker. You have a hands-on, supportive perspective and often guide others through times of crisis. Possible careers for you might include corporate trainer, physical therapist, forest ranger, or medical professional.
Red, orange, and black: The Evaluator. This personality type is great at analyzing their surroundings, as well as systems and approaches to productivity at work. If you are an evaluator, you can often improve your job as well as improve the procedures and processes there. Ideal jobs might include operational support, banking, computer repair, or child care.
So in looking at this list I must say PR professionals have the attributes of designers, dreamers and evaluators. We evaluate how we can help our clients rival their competion and move the dial quickly. . We believe in their dreams and are very hands on to help them achieve their business goals. Lastly, we design custom PR plans that build favorable reputation in the media.