We have been asked numerous times about an LMGPR blog. We blog for our clients and we blog for our super but quite frankly have not dusted off our key boards to put our blog in full throttle. Like a spy in a James Bond film I’ve spent months attending social media forums, surveying editors and friends on the blogshere.  The more I learned the more new funky tools rolled out of the factory show room floor like Santa’s workshop.  What to add and what’s no longer cool. The Dr. Seusism of blogging can be overwhelming.

Even my 6 year old had masterd blogging….”It’s a place where you write on the computer. Hang out with your friends and tell stories.” How’ simple is that? Lounging around with your friends. Super…deal us in. Books such as Blogging for Dummies are great night stand reading but I must admit it speaking to my clients and peers hase been a better source.

We find the news room style of 15 minute deadlines a head rush that goes back to journalism school. 15 minutes before press….those were the days. Well, everything old is new again…thankfully.

 Read Blogging for Dummies if you must…but I prefer being more social and interview the hands on experts.

so over the course of weeks, months and hopefully years (how long will this blog thing last?) we wil share our PR insights, tips and conversations with industry friends and clients. So hang out and lounge with us…before, during or after hours.