The LMGPR team wants to give a warm welcome to its newest neighbors at Murphy Square, Zynga.  Zynga was founded in July 2007 and has a corporate vision to make gaming a social event. In their efforts to make gaming a fun-filled, social activity, Zynga has become the industry’s largest developer of social games on the Internet. Not too shabby!

Social gaming is based on the gameplay and the social interaction between different game entities. Literally, you’re playing an online video game against someone else. Perhaps it’s a friend, colleague or simply another social gamer somewhere around the world. Whomever you’re playing, this method of gaming is a way for us all to connect with others in a new, interactive medium.

I grew up with an Atari Game Console then moved up to Nintento and Sega Genesis. My brother, sister and I would all sit around the TV and bicker over who got to play the game first.  That was as socially connected with each other as we got, “I want to play, first,” my brother would say. “But you played first, last time,” my sister would answer. Things have certainly changed since that point.

Perhaps my siblings want to relive our younger years.  Play the games we used to enjoy but do it together.  Sounds like fun to me. Who else is in?


You can learn more about Zynga via their website or follow them on Twitter @zynga