Well, the world didn’t end in 2012.

That leaves us with a whole new slew of predictions and resolutions for 2013.

So what can we look for ward to in the coming year? Everyone seems to have an opinion!

According to our good friend Walt Mossberg, Tablets will continue to gain popularity, Microsoft and Google will start making their own devices ala Apple and Smart TV’s will be all the rage.

Business Insider isn’t betting on Social Commerce, IS betting on a Hard Tech comeback and predicts there will be at least two major data breaches that will compromise consumer credit (let’s hope they’re wrong about the last one!)

VentureBeat is looking forward to playing with Google Glass, Self-Driving Cars and better Apple TV this year.

On the resolution side, Mashable has come out with a list of top tech resolutions. Making the list: Set privacy filters on your social networks, go through all your emails and clean your keyboard!

At LMGPR, we’ve made our own personal resolutions that include cutting soda, eliminating personal debt and winning the lotto! We also share many of the same resolutions as our feline friends:

Professionally, we share one common resolution at LMGPR: to continue to work hard and produce results for all of our clients.

We’re excited about 2013 and all its potential. It’s going to be a great year!