We at the Loughlin/Michaels Group (LMGPR) tried a new approach to our usually job candidate application process; we added online video. Not only did we ask potential job candidates to email us their resumes, cover letters and best pitches, we asked candidates to submit a video of them to YouTube further explaining why they were the best individual for the job. We felt that you cannot truly get a sense of an individual through a resume or a cover letter, and because we cannot bring every person who applies in for an interview, we believe a video of someone is the next best thing.


 We asked the candidates to state not only their name and what position they were applying for, but to explain what made them stand out. Candidates could be as creative as possible to show LMGPR what skills they possessed and their experience with and in the technology industry. We don’t just hire people to fill positions here at LMGPR; we hire great individuals that will add to the positive and creative atmosphere we thrive in. These video applications are a way to get to know someone before actually meeting them so we could find the next great member of our award winning team.

 To view the LMGPR Casting Call YouTube Channel, please click here. [polldaddy poll=1771048]