The Selecter - Too Much Pressure








A new study out from CareerCast has us here at LMGPR saying: “tell us something we don’t already know!”

According to the report, PR Executives have the 5th most stressful job of 2013!

Only enlisted military personnel, military generals, firefighters and commercial airline pilots have it worse.

Yes you heard correctly, even a police officer has it better than us!











Why? Well for one, according to NBC News, being a PR Executive is a very “thankless” job:

“Clients may thank you for getting them on the front page of┬áThe New York Times (if it’s good news), but before you can tie your running shoes on for a victory lap, they want to know: “What about The Wall Street Journal?” And you’re definitely not going to get any “thank yous” from journalists: They’re more likely to hang up on you or be surly than take your call.”

We at LMGPR don’t necessarily consider our job “thankless!’ We work with great clients and have relationships built on mutual respect.

It is true, however, that our job can be stressful. It comes with the territory, but we find ways to deal.

Here are “LMGPR’s Top Ten Stress Coping Mechanisms”








Work Out

Take a Walk

Play with Kids











Play with Dogs


Drink Coffee

Photo on 2012-09-14 at 12.13








Punch Bozo!

Listen to Music

Go to Happy Hour

And above all else:











Here’s to a stressless and pressure-free weekend from your friends at LMGPR!