As businesses and schools struggle to reopen and stay open as a result of COVID-19, UBTECH Robotics, a global leader in robotics and AI, is answering the call.

This week, the company unveiled its new line of ADIBOT UV-C Disinfection robots at CES 2021.

The ADIBOT robotic system combines the robotics and AI expertise from UBTECH with UV-C technology that disinfects targeted surfaces and air by deactivating the DNA and RNA of harmful pathogens. Available in stationary and autonomous models, ADIBOTS feature 360° radiant light coverage and powerful UV-C disinfection to effectively disinfect 99.9 percent of targeted areas.

To see ADIBOTS in action, watch this video.

“UBTECH’s mission is, and continues to be, to make everyday life easier for people now and into the future. As a result, we’re addressing today’s challenges with tomorrow’s technology,” said John Rhee, senior vice president and general manager, UBTECH North America. “Our ADIBOT UV-C Robots stand to accelerate the safe reopening of schools and businesses shut down by COVID-19, while helping better prepare for potential future outbreaks—from pandemic level down to more localized, harmful viruses.”

UBTECH’s unveiling of ADIBOTS at CES 2021 has been met with critical acclaim. TechRepublic named UBTECH ADIBOT among the Best Robots at CES 2021, while CNET named ADIBOTS to its list of CES 2021’s Coolest New Gadgets.

Now it’s time to put ADIBOTS to work. UBTECH is currently partnering with the State of Delaware’s Department of Education to pilot ADIBOT across multiple sites to measure cost efficiency, disinfection rates and maintenance improvements within their establishments.

Ultimately, UBTECH’s robust and effective disinfection solution will help businesses, organizations and schools safely reopen in the midst of the ongoing global pandemic.