Regardless of the type of music you might like, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson made global impact on the music industry. I remember going to the record store when I was a kid and buying a Jackson 5 45 record. Michael was only a few years older than me. He had the moves, the cool suede fringe vest and yes charisma and a voice. Although I listened to mostly alternative non-commercial music during the 80’s a Michael Jackson video or song would get me tapping a beat. There’s no denying he had a gift. A gift that people around the world listened to. Upon his sudden death today, Twitter went wild with rumors then facts of his demise. Despite the news of the weird that surrounded Michael’s private life, the King of Pop had the stage again but this time on Twitter. According to Twitter hundreds upon thousands of tweets were being posted by news sites, fans and celebrities. Michael received more than his 15 minutes of fame today…..and I’m sure if this Whale of a Tale is not over yet. 

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