If you are using Twitter for more than just a social entertainment outlet, chances are you are what is known as a “Twitter Power User.”

But being a Twitter Power User isn’t easy. It takes time and effort to build relationships, engage your audience and increase your influence. With time at a premium for most people, how does one make the jump to Twitter Power User?

Mashable has recently released “14 Twitter Tips and Tricks for Power Users.” It includes tips on personalizing your Twitter profile, search tricks, keyboard shortcuts, widgets and other tools to maximize your Twitter experience. Of course there are more than just 14 tips and tricks though! Here are a few other resources for the Twitter Power User-in-training:

100 ways to become a Twitter Power User

25 Twitter tips to help you Tweet like a Pro

Many of the suggestions above are ones that we here at LMGPR use on a daily basis as we work with our clients to take their Twitter presence to the next level.

Happy Tweeting from your friends at LMGPR!