If there were a product that could help improve the safety of your loved ones behind the wheel, would you buy it?

Well, now you can!

Truvolo has unveiled a well-connected car solution that stands to make driving safer and smarter. The platform includes a data-reading device that plugs into your car which then provides smart alerts and reports via an app to track auto and driver performance, giving users visibility into how their loved ones are driving and how their cars are running:

With Truvolo, users receive insight into:

  • Driving Behavior: Is your teen speeding? Did they arrive at their destination safely?
  • Auto Performance: What does the check engine light mean? How’s the car’s fuel efficiency?
  • Preventive Maintenance: Using a big data platform, users receive predictive warnings of impending engine trouble
  • Car Location: Forgot where you parked? Truvolo will lead the way.


Truvolo is the brainchild of two Silicon Valley tech veterans: Jaideep Jain and his wife, Sandhya, who came up with the idea of Truvolo when their teenage son was set to begin driving. The couple soon decided to leave behind their tech jobs and create their own company, with an aim to give peace of mind to car owners, drivers and parents everywhere, whether they’re behind the wheel or not.

Truvolo has just kicked off an Indiegogo campaign where you can be among the first to own a Truvolo device. We urge you to check it out and start driving smarter and safer today!

To visit Truvolo’s Indiegogo page, click here.