A recent article from Jon Swartz of USA Today, discusses the other side of today’s current fad of “tweeting”. In this article, Twitter haters see no point in tweeting, Jon takes a look at the craze from a different perspective – the perspective that I know we’ve all heard. Tweeting is a time-wasting act and tweeple have nothing to say. Some may even refer to it as “babble”.

 I get this tone of dialogue from my family – they ask me constantly, what is that twitter thing? What do you even say? Why would you want people to know exactly what you’re doing? These are simply words coming from people who do not understand what Twitter is or how it works. But perhaps some of this is true. According to USA Today, a recent study showed that 40 percent of tweets are “pointless babble.” Very quickly, the world of Twitter is growing and with it comes a crowded world of pointless tweets. So is this the reason why we see so many Twitter haters?

 Moreover, those who do not like Twitter, find that the popular social networking site causes people to lose their human contact. Does it give us an out to meeting in-person – just shoot them a tweet or DM? Some even say that years ago, when families went on vacation, they actually went on vacation. This means that there were no handheld devices that kept them connected to the world back home, whether it is business, friends or school. People were unconnected, unwired and free to join their vacation. Now, people are able to tweet about their vacation instantly and share these experiences with the entire Twitter world.

 What do you think? Do you fall under the Twitter hater or lover category?