What if I told you the Internet could fly you to Hawaii… for free? You probably wouldn’t believe me but it’s true. On a daily basis we use the Internet for many different usages including: research, communicating through email and instant messaging, social media, news distribution, and blogging. The Internet can do a lot of things, but can it fly two people on a free vacation to Hawaii? Yes it can.

Back in February of this year, my mother found an online contest being put on by the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau called “A Thousand Reasons to Smile.” She sent me the information about the contest and told me I should enter. Of course I disregarded the contest with what I’m sure most of you would say “no one every wins those things…” but after much convincing I decided to enter the contest and see what would happen. The contest consisted of me submitting a picture of myself smiling (hence the “thousand reasons to smile” part). After submitting my picture and giving some basic information (where I am from, my age, ect.), I had to choose a picture of Hawaii from a list of photos they had on their website and I had to give one sentence on why I liked the picture. Of course being a working PR professional, I thought of the cheesiest thing I could think of and wrote it down. That was it.

A few months later, I received an email stating that I was a finalist in the competition and that my individual picture was featured on the website. I went to the website, and there I was, with about a thousand other pictures of other people who had entered. Immediately I thought there was no chance I would win, look at all of the other contestants, not to mention no one ever wins these things right? Well a few months after that I received an email from the Hawaii Visitors and Conventions Bureau stating that I was in fact the winner of the “A Thousand Reasons to Smile” contest and I had won a trip to Maui, Hawaii. The trip consisted of free airfare for two, free hotel room for two at the Sheraton Maui for five days and four nights and a free helicopter tour around Maui with Blue Hawaiian Helicopter Tours.

Needless to say, the Internet flew me and my boyfriend to Maui over Labor Day weekend. It was an absolutely amazing vacation. Never underestimate the Internet; if it can fly me across the Pacific for free, it’s a pretty powerful thing. Where is the Internet taking you?

Enjoy some of our pictures from the trip below: