When I saw this post today on Mashable, “Dancing Doctors Go Viral on YouTube,” I knew it was worthy of a post.  Often times we think that social media and online video platforms such as YouTube are just for goofy, young kids posting videos of themselves.  The mass volume of YouTube is overwhelming yet can be very valuable if applied to a reputable cause.

In this video, the over 200 doctors, nurses and staff at Providence St. Vincent Center hospital in Portland, Oregon are using this video to raise awareness for breast cancer.  They are using the ever popular YouTube to potentially save lives.  In this video, staffers sing and dance along to music raising money for a good cause.  The pink gloves from the “Pink Glove Dance” can be purchased in support of the cause.

The video has already received 280 million views and even received recognition from Fox News, where some of the video’s stars will perform on 12/8.

It’s activities and events like this one that truly capitalize on the volume and reach of social media. I hope this video continues to grow and that it’s viewer base (and potential pink glove buyers) increases as well.

You can view the video on YouTube below. Enjoy!  [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEdVfyt-mLw]