by Roberto Araujo

Doing the hoops and the loops, the cheers and cin-cin the LMGPR team completed another team outing, watching the Harlem Globetrotters beat the Generals. Sure, we all know the Globetrotters end up winning 99.9% of the time, but with all the food, drinks and the fun we had, guess who ended up winning?

Earlier, before the game, the LMGPR team got together at Los Gatos Brewing Company in downtown San Jose. The place is nice and has an ambiance of sports bar meets fancy restaurant. A private room in the basement was waiting for us with food and cocktails, just enough to get us in the cheering mood for the game.

At the stadium, seeing the Globetrotter’s team coordination, mutual support and the smiles on their faces reminded me of our own team, the LMGPR team. Day by day we take our position in the field, make our moves, and shoot to score; but if we ever miss the hoop, we quickly recover and get back in the game.

Rumors say that our next company outing will be at Beach Blanket Babylon, other rumors say that Matt Sarrel (our Market Strategist) will barbecue and smoke some steak and ribs for us. Whichever our employer decides to provide us with next time, it will definitely be worth it because the bonding and memories that come from these outings are priceless.