infoIt’s a mobile world.

No longer just a communications tool to keep us connected to our family and friends, mobile technology has seeped into just about every aspect of our personal and professional lives.

This is true for all of us here at LMGPR and a new infographic takes a look at how mobile has affected the public relations industry as a whole.

“PR: Then and Now” showcases traditional ways of doing PR and how mobile has changed all that. It showcases the rise of the blogger, the influence of social media and how impressions are being replaced by influence. It also focuses on the importance of context, news links and having a point of view.

The infographic also focuses on the immediacy that the world now demands. Second Day News has been replaced by Second Hour News and SMS has overtaken direct mail. YouTube’s immediate access has cut into traditional television and even online news, which is still relatively young, is being challenged by mobile news apps.

Ultimately, the infographic goes full circle spotlighting those constants within the PR industry that have been around for decades such as thought leadership, credibility and relationships, that remain integral to a successful PR program, mobile or not.

So is the mobile infusion into PR for the better? That’s arguable.

More convenient? Most definitely. Mobile now allows us instant access to our work and clients no matter where we are in the world.

Our smartphones and tablets are always with us and it’s not uncommon to be finishing presentations on the train, conducting briefings in the car or targeting East Coast reporters in the morning from the comfort of our own homes as we have our first cup of coffee!

One thing’s for sure: mobile is here to stay and LMGPR has implemented mobile into our daily work lives as a valuable tool that delivers for us… and our clients.