Back to school? What happened to the endless summer? Childhood memories of slip and slide races, biking until dusk and heading to the beach sound so faint these days.

It’s been a busy summer meeting new and up and coming technology companies that are challenging the web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0 universe. I’ve seen products that promise to increase my desktop productivity, manage my social calendar, create viral coupon sites, manage spam, and secure the virtual data center and so on. It’s great to see that even during the summer months tech innovation is a live and well in the valley. Even after the summer if iPhone lines, the popularity of these gizmos are still popular and gaining ground for college bound students. I recently polled a few University of Colorado students at a cafe in Boulder, CO last week. Here’s their short list of must have tech gadgets for back to school.

1. Facebook. Gotta have it for keeping track of friends, family and potential post school jobs. +500 friends and you are guaranteed to party!
2. iPhone. Gotta have it but the folks have to pay for it.
3. Bluetooth head set. Need to be safe at all times but not required in all states.
4. Dell or Mac laptop. This seems to be split on the PC vs Mac but more lean to Mac for coolness.
5. iPod. Gotta have it even if you have an iPhone.
6. Battery operated blender. Yes, for all those Facebook friends!
7. Pay Pal account. Receive money from Mom and Dad easily.

According to a group of 7 and 8 year olds their must have back to school items are
1. iPhone
2. iPod
3. Any video game
4. Lunch box..but test it for lead.
5. Skateboard that sparks

So if your shopping for K-12 or college, you better get prepared to spend a lots of cash on back to school techno supplies!