A friend from the UK emailed me wanting to know if we were all kicking cans in the Silicon Valley.  Lately I’m pleased to report that there is a surge of excitement and anticipation in the Silicon Valley. We have been meeting with our tenured clients and newly signed clients regarding their 2009 plans, although very focused we are pleased to see that tech innovation when deployed to meet a problem is in demand.

What does it take in a crowded enterprise and web 2.0 environments to stand out? It takes super powers to stand out. Everyday we work with the coolest tech companies eager to change how we work and play. 

  Risk takers? Yes, of course and so are we. Every day we roll up our shirt sleeves, take off our shoes and go to the white board planning and creating new PR strategies.   Nail biting? Yes, at times but we always yield a high level response for our clients because we work and think differently challenging ourselves daily.  We operate at start up speed even for 50 million dollar companies. And as a result, we make more impact. During 2008 we launched www.filtrbox.com; www.identiti.com, www.frevvo.com, www.netmagicsolutions.com, www.zyrion.com and a few others.  We are gearing up to represent www.netoptics.com and www.e4e.com in 2009.

So looking into the crystal ball for 2009, we anticipate the making of a few more tech heroes.