This is Christine Marie Katas. She’s the co-founder of Contagious Apps & Entertainment, a digital media creativity factory producing next-generation software applications, content and multimedia. She is also the publisher and editor of Technorazzi Magazine, a blogazine about “the human side of geeks and creative geniuses.” Previously, Christine Marie was the co-founder and COO of en2go, a cutting-edge technology company with a space-age video streaming platform.

But in addition to being a tech entrepreneur and evangelist, Christine Marie Katas is also a survivor:











Prior to finding tech success, Christine Marie’s life took a horrific detour when she fell under the spell of a self-proclaimed religious prophet. Her story is the subject of an upcoming documentary entitled “Prophet or Predator” airing on Investigation Discovery this month and is described as follows:

“A devoted Mormon mom meets an ex-Mormon who targets her in an attempt to break her faith in God. When she rejects him, he enlists the help of others and masterminds a plan to imposter as a prophet while deceiving, defrauding, exploiting and psychologically torturing Christine Marie to teach her the lesson he wants her to learn, if she survives.”

You can watch the trailer here.

Christine Marie did manage to survive, though by the end of the ordeal she was left homeless, penniless and eventually learned she qualified for services as a victim of human trafficking. It was a long road to recovery but Christine Marie was determined to turn her life around.










Today, Christine Marie lives in Las Vegas, is happily married and is the mother of four gifted, grown children. In addition to her tech success, she is in the 2013 Who’s Who in American Business, is a former Ms. Michigan, Young Mother of the Year, Outstanding Service Award winner, Community Service Award winner, and published author.

But above all that, Christine Marie has turned the negative events of her life into a positive. Christine Marie is a human rights blogger, a feminist, an abolitionist and works to help empower women through an awareness campaign she founded called Voices for Dignity. The site offers content, technology, photography and web sites for survivors, activists or organizations that empower women to speak up and change lives.

Christine Marie’s incredible story of survival serves as an inspiration to anyone who has suffered or is suffering hardships and mirrors the words of Marcus Aurelius:

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

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