The LMGPR team left our Sunnyvale office on Friday morning and braved a San Francisco storm to attend an awesome PRSA event at the Bloomberg Newsroom. Despite the crazy weather and the fact that the wrong address was printed on the invitation, we clamored into a cab (see picture) and made it to the newsroom in one wet, disheveled piece.

Once we arrived we were captivated by Bloomberg editors sharing their tips and secrets with us. They truly gave us PR professionals an inside, behind the scenes look at the way Bloomberg operates.

It was refreshing to hear the editors of Bloomberg speak so fervently about the high standards that they hold themselves against.  Bloomberg masters the delicate balance between speed and accuracy and they will not print anything that can’t be independently verified. If you read something in Bloomberg, you can pretty much ensure it is the most up to date, correct information on the Internet. So if you want to read fact-based news written in a straightforward manner with no adjectives or fluff, Bloomberg’s your outlet.

We all agreed that what we learned in those two hours will really set us ahead of the curve when trying to land our clients in Bloomberg. Unfortunately, we won’t be giving away our secrets here! We will say that Bloomberg is going to re-launch their site with a “tech hub” and they will be expanding their VC stories.

Big thanks to Bloomberg and PRSA for letting us into the newsroom.