By Donna Loughlin Michaels

LMGPR has been on the fast track with  dozens of clients over the years, but Skully Helmets really stands out in the crowd.

Last week, we launched Skully’s  heads-up display motorcycle helmets at Demo 2013. LMGPR had about two weeks to groom the Skully team and put the PR plan in motion for the Demo unveiling. LMGPR targeted top-level publications using our Strategic Story Engine to secure coverage in Wired, Inc, Fast Company, Venturebeat, CNET, Road and Track and other top-tier media outlets.


The day of the launch was a tremendous success. In less than 24 hours, more than a dozen articles hit, thousands of beta requests began flowing in and motorcyclist enthusiasts from all over the U.S. called our office inquiring how to buy a helmet. Within a week, more than 40 articles had been written, the beta requests surpassed 10,000 and Skully’s YouTube video views topped  80,000.

Here are some of the headlines:

The PR effort on our part did not go unnoticed. Skully Founder Marcus Weller said:

“LMGPR played a critical role in developing our launch and media strategy. They helped bring Skully from zero to 60 in the media quickly, securing front-page visibility, getting investors and consumers talking.  They are a hands on, strategic partner to our team.”

Skully’s successful PR campaign also garnered the attention from world-class PR agencies Waggner Edstrom and Porter Novelli, who applauded LMGPR for its success.

Stay tuned for more on Skully, but meanwhile, if you want us to take your business from zero to sixty using our proven media methodology, contact us today!