Funding is an integral aspect of business for just about every startup. Over the years, however, funding has proven difficult to come across and so startup companies have looked for alternatives to traditional investors. One of the emerging alternatives for startups is crowdfunding, where money is raised through generally small contributions in order to finance a particular project or venture.

As crowdfunding has continued to grow, companies are looking to PR to get the most out of their crowdfunding campaigns. This is where LMGPR comes in. We’ve been working with our clients to maximize their campaigns by telling the right story to the right audience for real business results.

Take, for instance, our client iSmartAlarm. The makers of the  smartphone-enabled home security and control system just wrapped up an incredibly successful Indiegogo campaign, where the company aimed to raise $50,000 through preorders ahead of the company’s April launch. The crowdfunding campaign began in January, following an equally successful debut at CES. LMGPR began laying the groundwork at CES, making the introductions with key media integral to building buzz for iSmartAlarm’s campaign.

The results were fantastic. Articles began to hit as the Indiegogo campaign got underway, driving potential customers to the crowdfunding site. In a 90-day period, iSmartAlarm was featured in more than 100 articles globally and the $50,000 goal was quickly shattered. Through this period, LMGPR worked with iSmartAlarm to continue the momentum through social media as well as traditional PR outreach.


The crowdfunding campaign came to an end on April 1st (no fooling!) and when it was all said and done, iSmartAlarm raised more than $225,000 dollars, more than four times the amount of the campaign’s initial goal.

We’d like to congratulate iSmartAlarm on the success of its product & campaign and are proud to have played a role in the results. If your company is looking to start a crowdfunding campaign, LMGPR can help! Contact Donna Michaels for your crowdfunding consultation today at (408) 993-9150.