Navigating your way through Spotify’s 16 million tracks just got a little easier!

Spectralmind has released Sonarflow Spot, “a fun, simple and interactive way to discover new music in Spotify directly on your iPhone and iPad.”

Spectralmind CEO Thomas Lidy says the goal was to take Spotify Premium users on a “journey of musical discovery:”

“Most people are overwhelmed by the massive amount of musical choice on Spotify. To listen to 16 million tracks would take a lifetime, so the average person doesn’t really venture that far from the music they already know. We want people to find new and interesting music that they will like, in a fun and playful way.”

So how does it work?








Sonarflow Spot displays Spotify’s most popular tracks and a user’s starred tracks in colorful playlists shaped like bubbles. Zoom into an individual bubble to reveal the artists inside. Tap once to show tracks from that artist, tap twice to begin playing music from that artist. Tap on the magnifying glass icon to show similar artists. Sonarflow’s discovery feature matches a user’s music to bring the best recommendations from the 16 million songs on Spotify. In addition, users can also watch music videos of each artist, powered by YouTube.

Key features:

  • Free iPhone and iPad music discovery app designed for Spotify subscribers
  • Sonarflow suggests new artists based on the user’s preferences
  • Sonarflow displays artist biographies
  • Listen to music from Spotify inside the app
  • Watch related music videos through YouTube
  • Share music discoveries on Facebook and Twitter

Lidy believes Sonarflow Spot will fundamentally change how people use Spotify:

“Sonarflow represents a whole new way to explore Spotify’s music database. This new visual layer makes it really easy to find new music and stream it instantly. From the millions of choices, we bring the people the right music according to their taste.”

So if you’re a Spotify Premium user, what are you waiting for? Go on your own Magical Mystery Music Tour and discover your next favorite band or artist!

Sonarflow Spot is free and available for download in the App Store.