It’s not everyday a Silicon Valley startup is tied to a major international incident, but not every Silicon Valley startup is Sococo! The Social Communications Company was featured this week in a Bloomberg article entitled “After a Disaster, Japan Looks for an Alternative to the Office.”

The article is about how the Japanese workforce is changing after the Great Quake and Tsunami of 2011. The disaster crippled many companies for days due to a lack of a telecommuting or virtual workplace option, and Japan’s MIC (Ministry of Internal Affairs & Communication) says there has since been a “rapid increase in inquiries and consultations concerning telework systems.”

This is where Sococo comes in. Sococo is teaming up with iGUAZU Corporation, a member of JB Group and one of Japan’s largest tech companies, to bring its flagship product Team Space to Japan. Team Space is a communications service and virtual workspace that makes teams feel more connected no matter where they are located. Under the agreement, iGUAZU will use its expansive sales force and deep enterprise relationships to offer Team Space to Japanese companies looking to adopt remote capabilities.

Timing can be crucial for startups and with Japan’s MIC looking to have “at least 7 million of the country’s 128 million residents working from home by 2015,” Sococo may just be in the right place at the right time. LMGPR is excited that the rest of the world is now realizing what we have known for some time: that Sococo has the potential to make a global difference.