nutshellmail-logo-300x55Social networking is overwhelming. I’m on Facebook, I’m LinkedIn, I am active on Twitter… but all of these sites have been trying to create a “real-time” updating system so members can know exactly what their connections are doing when they are doing them. That in itself is overwhelming. I feel out of the loop if I don’t check Twitter in an hour. I’m constantly afraid I’m going to miss a friend’s birthday if I don’t check Facebook every morning. What are we going to do about this overload of real-time updates?

The answer is simple: NutshellMail. is a free web-based service that enables you to productively access and manage all your email and social networking accounts through any inbox you already use. So how does this work? Easy, you go to and register your social networking and email accounts that you would like to have managed and consolidated. Once you register these accounts, you choose the email address that you use most often. After signing up, you will begin to receive email alerts throughout your day with all of your social networking updates, in real-time. However, you can program these NutshellMail alerts to be delivered to your email on your time. You can customize these email alerts to filter what information you want to be updated with-  instead of being overcome by unimportant details from your connections.

Another great feature of NutshellMail is that you can actually reply to friends, share stories, post to your wall and update your status on Facebook and Twitter through the email updates you receive. This is absolutely fantastic for people who are blocked from these social networks at work… you can still be connected socially while at work through your email. Genius!

You will no longer feel overwhelmed by your social networking due to the all-inclusive update email that will send you. NutshellMail is not only a way to consolidate your social networking into one easy email update, but it is a way to organize how you network online. We at LMGPR are big fans of our new NutshellMail accounts, you should get yours today!