by Roberto Araujo

For the last couple of years we’ve come to realize that the answer to this question is a definite yes. Enterprises and SMB’s have slowly been integrating and learning through trial-and-error of the importance of establishing a strategic social media program. Many large consumer and enterprise businesses have been cautious to increase marketing or PR department budgets in support of social media plans. As the 2011 approaches, we’ve come to realize that the adaptation period is coming to an end and companies are now entering the dissemination period of the social media program.

At least that’s what a recently release report “Social Media Comes of Age: The Vocus 2011 Planning Survey,” says. Employees, mainly from PR, Marketing and Advertising departments expect their PR budget to increase somewhat or increase significantly by 42 percent. This is a spike from 29 percent last year when asked the same question. This budge increase expectation has certainly been affected by the realization that 80% of the respondents believe social media will be more important in 2011.

More Money More Expectations

Now that it is evident many PR departments feel certain they will receive a PR budget increase in the coming year, as well as the realization of the importance of a social media program, along comes the pressure to provide results.  We know how social media takes time and attention, and once again this is reflected in their response. Those polled, feel PR will be more challenging in 2011 by a margin of 60 percent. The dynamics of social media and budgets were among the top reasons for this.

Here at LMGPR, the interest from new clients for the adoption of a social media program is evident. We’ve even received requests from clients and prospects who want to hire us solely for those services. We definitely believe in and see results everyday from having a strategically run social media program.

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